Nikki Bailey, Soul Smarts for Day Starts

30 Days of Inspirations and Creative Activities will share insightful tips for enriching daily life.

Got stress? Are you sick of feeling defeated, psyched out and weighed down with worry and overwhelm? Are you just sooooooooooooooooo over the constant barrage of negative messages hurled at your precious psyche each and every day? Scientists believe that a great deal of the happiness we experience in our lives is derived from our intentional behaviors, attitudes and choices. Having a spiritual practice and participating in activities that inspire positive thoughts are linked to creating and sustaining a sense of well-being. But how are you supposed to find time to do that? All it takes is 5 minutes!

With just 5 minutes a day you can start to:

    + Strengthen your hope and happiness muscles
    + Change your thoughts, attitudes and behaviors

Part inspiration and part creative challenge, Soul Smarts for Day Starts offers activities, journal prompts and ideas designed to super-charge your positive attitude, enhance your bliss, smarten your soul and show you how to get more pray and play into your day.

DeShannon Bowens, Hush Hush

She will share her provocative Hush Hush: An African American Family Breaks Their Silence on Sexuality & Sexual Abuse

In Hush Hush, author DeShannon Bowens delves into sexuality and sexual abuse through a collection of personal interviews with the Petersons as they explore their sexuality beliefs, attitudes and the possibility of child sexual abuse occurring within their own family.

Ann Jenrette-Thomas, The Happy Law Practice

Attorney and legal coach will feature The Happy Law Practice: Expert Strategies to Build Business While Maintaining Peace of Mind!

Is it really possible to be a Rainmaker AND have peace of mind? . . . We think so! The Happy Law Practice offers guidance on essential business development skills without sacrificing work-life balance. Twenty-one lawyers and entrepreneurs of varying expertise use their combined knowledge in law, business development, well-being, and more to bring you tips and strategies on how to make your business flourish and keep your stress levels low during the process. Covering such topics as productivity, networking, branding, organization, and stress management, The Happy Law Practice will give you the skills that all lawyers need to THRIVE in their career. Whether you are a well-established lawyer or just starting your practice, this book offers tips, strategies, and innovative insights that is sure to help you succeed.

Tonia Paris Johnson, Beyond My Parent’s Addictions

A child of drug addicted parents, Tonia Paris Johnson gives insight into the process of overcoming with her autobiography, Beyond My Parents’ Addictions.

Beyond My Parents Additions is an autobiography used to give insight into the mind of a child of drug addicted parents. There are various issues brought to light of the life of these type children and the story of how there is life beyond these issues. Giving the children of addicts a voice but also giving insight to addicts of the affects they may be having on their children.