Forgiveness Tour

Making the choice to be vulnerable, despite your hurts or fears, is an amazing act of courage. Your courage is strengthened by your trust in Divine Spirit that all will be well. 

To help our nation detoxify from the contagion of unforgiveness, Dr. Cari has launched a Forgiveness Tour.

“In U.S. society we are living ‘on high alert,’ with a heightened sense of fear and anxiety. As a result, many of us react to the missteps and mistakes of loved ones, coworkers, and strangers with distrust and unforgiveness. As a result of living on high alert, we hold onto hurts and pains, and project our hurts onto others. Unforgiveness is a poison that affects all of us. Our society is becoming more distrusting and divisive because we don’t know how to forgive,” Dr. Cari says.

Launched at The Riverside Church in New York City in September 2013, the Forgiveness Tour addresses a range of adverse impacts of unforgiveness seen in interpersonal relationships, intergroup relations, and in national politics. She offers concrete benefits of forgiveness and practical strategies for how to forgive.



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