Mistakes give us the opportunity to learn. In order to use mistakes as the foundations of truth and learning, we must forgive ourselves.

Her joyful spirit, genuine caring and insightful wisdom are readily apparent when Dr. Cari speaks to her audiences. Whether in a television interview, a church setting, school environment or community event, she inspires, informs and challenges audiences to address their deepest needs and their greatest hopes. She attunes herself to and expresses the strength of the collective human spirit.

Her natural ability to connect publicly with others translates well in a variety of venues. Whether at a women’s prison in South Africa, an LGBTQ rally in Cuba, a primary school in Kenya, or a classroom of deaf students in the U.S., Dr. Cari captivates audiences with her natural style and approachable ease.

She has an innate ability to engage audiences in meaningful and interesting ways, often crossing language barriers. Recalling one memorable experience working with interpreters in South Africa, “No one told me there would be three interpreters translating simultaneously into three different languages and each of them replicating every gesture I made. It was such a novelty for me that I wanted to watch them, but needed to stay focused on the message I was there to deliver in order to help transform lives.”

With or without the assistance of interpreters, Dr. Cari has a masterful ability to “speak in tongues.” Raised in the Pentecostal church, her definition of what it means to speak in tongues has expanded beyond how that term has been traditionally understood. Similar to common understandings of speaking in tongues, Dr. Cari speaks in ways that reflect a Spirit-given ability to connect with individuals from different languages and cultures, despite her lack of training in and exposure to those languages and cultures. As importantly for her, speaking in tongues also includes her ability to speak in the cultural idioms of people across cultures, social backgrounds, demographic groups, and religions in ways that inspire and uplift. To do this, she speaks in the universal languages of love, respect and compassion which enable her to connect deeply with all people.

Once, when Dr. Cari was the final speaker on a panel in Cuba discussing religion and sexuality, despite her need to communicate through an interpreter, the audience became significantly more enlivened when she began her presentation more than they had been with any of the earlier, Spanish-speaking panelists. After the presentation, when she asked what made her presentation so distinctive from the other panelists, and she was told simply, “You spoke to our hearts as well as our heads.”

Dr. Cari is a sought-after speaker, who adeptly draws from her speaker’s toolbox of down-to-earth mother-wit, genuine love for all people, strong passion for social justice, vast theological knowledge, excellent comedic rhythm, and her special blend of intellectual, spiritual, and political acumen. She has a beautiful gift for reaching people right where they are and helping them become more and do more than they previously imagined.

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