Leadership Coach

Know yourself, and give yourself what you need.

Dr. Cari develops effective strategies, programs, and services that improve the quality of relationships, careers, and organizations. For more than 30 years, she has been an executive director/CEO in business, community service organizations, and churches, overseeing multimillion-dollar budgets and endowments and supervising staff and volunteers. She is a clear, decisive leader with the ability to draw upon and develop the talents of the right people to exceed project and organizational goals.

Dr. Cari provides organizational development and coaching services through her consulting firm, Excellent Way. Her services include executive coaching, strategic planning, and staff training in the areas of diversity, team-building, and interpersonal and intercultural communications. 

Her work as a leadership coach began when she was working in the staff training and development department of Prudential. As managers recognized her natural coaching skills, she was sought out for leadership support, expanding beyond the scope of her job to develop and conduct training classes. In her human resources (HR) work at AARP, she was tasked with overseeing all aspects of a national reorganization, which included recruitment, hiring, relocation, retraining, and outplacement.

Dr. Cari works intimately with corporate leaders, integrating psycho-spiritual methods with traditional leadership strategies to maximize impact and positive change. As a result of her work, her clients become more effective in both their inter-personal, interactional skills, and also in their inner-personal, overall life skills. Her trademark focus is “leadership from the inside out,” helping effective leaders to become exceptional leaders by identifying and transforming any narratives they have about themselves or others that impede them from excellence.

Along with her colleague, Rev. Frederick E. Dennard, Dr. Cari established Coaches Excel Institute to train life coaches how to use her integrative coaching methods to strengthen their work with a cross-section of audiences. These coaching methods are being used to significantly empower leaders to become more effective in their organizational roles and become more fulfilled as human beings.