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  • No Worries!

    This year, I am engaging in an intentional period of spiritual practice guided by two spiritual traditions – Sadhana (Hinduism and Buddhism, February 17-March 28) and Lent (Christianity, February 19-March 30).The combination has been powerful for me. Inspired by Lent, I have been more intentional about meditating on the truth stated by Julian of Norwich: “All is well. All manner of things will be well. All will be well.”

    I meditate on these words when I am feeling overwhelmed by financial shortages, uncertainties regarding next steps to take, grieving losses, juggling personal and professional life balance, and more. As I have meditated on these words peace that surpasses understanding blankets over me and breathes within me. As the peace fills me, I am more able to make clearer decisions and recognize the supports that God has already provided.

    Inspired by Sadhana, instead of starting my mornings with work-related writing and emailing, I have begun my mornings with journal-writing, prayer, and meditation. Slowing down at the outset of each day has enabled me to stay more connected with the truth that all is well. Instead of being overwhelmed by all of the emails, meetings, and deadlines, I have been more able to stay in peace. When I have left my state of peace, I’ve been able to return to peace more quickly. When I slow down, I feel more connected with the supports – visible and invisible – that are available to me. Also I am reminded that I am not alone, I don’t have to figure things out by myself, I do not need to strive, and I don’t need to worry for all is well. All might not be easy, or the way I would prefer, or work in the timing I desire. But ultimately, all is well. Even the most difficult experiences take me to places of new possibilities, new growth, and expanded understandings of my strength and power.

    As stated in a Sadhana reflection, “The power of the universe will come to your assistance if your heart and mind are in unity.”(Lakota saying, passed down from White Buffalo Calf Woman). Whether inspired by Lent, Sadhana or any other spiritual practice, know this truth: “God has already provided everything you will ever need.” Know this truth and live in peace. Often your mind (intellect and ego) works overtime trying to figure out things that can only be discerned and perceived spiritually. When your mind becomes frustrated or scared because it can’t figure things out or can’t see how things are going to work, it sends the warning message to your heart (emotions and body) for you to worry.

    Your mind believes that it is your only resource for navigating through life. But it is not. The whole universe is at work with you supporting you. You access this power as you bring your head and heard into unity. ​Your spirit is the unifier – bringing your head and heart into harmony. Your spirit also brings you into unity with the power of the universe. Your spirit knows that all is well, and therefore, “No worries.”