Having inner peace does not mean that you live a life with no fear, hurt, or anger. Rather, inner peace reflects a growing trust in God even in the context of your fear, hurt, and anger.

Dr. Cari’s love for writing began when she was a little girl, writing short stories and poems. Growing up in an environment where professions and employment possibilities were narrowly defined, she never entertained the idea of writing as a profession. For that reason, she didn’t view herself as a “writer,” until she was finishing her first book, The Gift to Listen, The Courage to Hear, and could feel there were a lot more books “within” her waiting to be born. Four of her books have been published so far, and there are still more to come. Writing is as natural as breathing for her.

Writing across several genres, she is as skillful in her comedic dialogue as in her scholarly writings. Through her self-help books on relationships, books engaging critical social analysis, screenplays featuring romantic comedy and adventure, poetry covering a range of themes, and more, Dr. Cari expresses the breadth of her interests in human relationships, religion and spirituality, and political, social and environmental issues. Her writing is designed to help individuals from a cross-section of backgrounds and experiences to live into their fullest, deepest authenticity and to challenge ways of thinking and systems that impede individual and collective wholeness. She is a storyteller who uses her writing to expand the possibilities people imagine for their lives and society at large.

Dr. Cari is now expanding her literary focus to include producing the projects of other talented writers of books, television, and film who tell stories that inspire personal overcoming and empowerment, reflect the dignity of diverse cultures, and uplift the global human spirit. Look out for several upcoming projects!